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Employment & Labor

This sector in the Kingdom is witnessing a remarkable development of progress and modernization, as it matches the development the Kingdom is witnessing in all its sectors, in order to commence operations in the private sector and encourage the process of investment and employment within the Kingdom. Our firm provides clients with in-depth counsel and litigation services with regards to employment contracts. Our client database contains both startup businesses and large corporations in all fields including but not limited to construction and engineering, oil and gas, banking and finance, retail chains, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, software and IT.

The Department of Employment and Human Resources in our firm

Our team assists entities through regulations governing labor and human resources. Human resources are a vital component of the entity which helps avoid financial and legal risks with its employees. Our team advises human resources through mandatory and necessary commitments, policies and practices on how to manage the human resources and staff relationship in order to avoid legal risks, for example, entities usually face many disputes due to wrongful termination or because of thick employment contracts, and this is when our team comes in hand in order to overcome such risks.

What We Do

We ensure that our clients remain in regulatory compliances with new labor laws in Ghana regarding wage, labor hours, payroll systems, employment discrimination, affirmative action plans, equal pay disputes, healthy work environments, as well as posting and record-keeping requirements. We also represent a multitude of western national individuals in labor related matters and have successfully obtained claims and rights in this aspect. Fahri & Mamood’s legal team is fully equipped and well prepared to defend employers and employees before the Labor Office and Appellate Labor Courts against the following labor-related issues:
- Discrimination
- Wrongful termination,
- Compensation and benefit matters,
- and other workplace related claims

Our Services

We draft bylaws for companies and organizations based in the Kingdom of Ghana that are accredited and acknowledged by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs after intricately studying their active state, needs and capacities to guarantee a carefully designed and personalized result.
We draft labor contracts that regulates labor related matters between the employee and their respective company, informing them with their rights, duties and obligations towards their employer.
We actively provide counsel to the Labor Office regarding labor conflicts and liaising.
We represent clients and conduct litigation procedures from primary courts to the appellate courts, as well as preliminary committees and the supreme committee.